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Foaling & Neonatal
Internal Medicine
post Mortem
Preventive Medicine & Prepurchase exam
Artificial insemination:
Mares can be bred using fresh semen collected from one farm or transported cooled semen. Over hundreds of stallion semen collected, evaluated and inseminated, used variety of semen extenders. Carry out reasonably good numbers of frozen semen inseminated in Arab horses.
Infertility Management:
Diagnose and treat the infertile animal including Transrectal Ultra Sound, Uterine cultures, Cytology, biopsy, hysteroscopy. Hysteroscopy utilize fiber optic endoscope to enter the uterus and visually examine the entire uterine surface for adhesion, Scar, fluid, cysts, and tumor. Problem makes who suffers with chronic endometritis, post mating endometris, fluid retention and ovulation failure.
Breeding services and fertility management to the large number of mares.
Thoroughbred mares. Fresh semen.
Arab horse breeding. Frozen semen.
Reproductive Surgery:
Caslicks. 3rd degree perineal laceration.
Perineal reconstruction. Rectovaginal fistula.
Pregnancy diagnoses and Ultra sonagraphy:
As early as 11 days post breeding, twin reduction, an Ultrasound can produce the picture of eye, heart, lung surface, muscles, tendon, kidney, liver, spleen, intestines, bladder, ovaries, uterus, and joints. Ultrasound is used extensively in reproductive evaluations to monitor the cycle of the mare and for early pregnancy deduction.
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